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It all began in 1960 with a small pet shop in Ludwigshafen, Germany that Joachim Böhme, a trained druggist, bug specialist and aquarium keeper from Dresden, opened, thereby making a career out of his hobby. When diseases in ornamental fish became a problem, he developed a remedy against the "white spot disease", known as "Ichthyo" among aquarium keepers, in the course of time, a remedy by the name of Punktol that can still be purchased today. He needed a brand name to launch the drug on the market, so he put one together by using his initials, JB, and the name of the city where he was based, Ludwigshafen.

After the launch of the brand name JBL, the company quickly grew to become one of the largest providers of the full range of products for aquariums, terrariums and ponds in Germany. Since 1984, company headquarters have been located in Neuhofen/Pfalz. Today JBL supplies 60 countries worldwide with a range of over 900 products and over 300 spare parts. Approximately 50 % of sales are for export, 20 % of these to France.

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JBL pH Test Set 6.0 - 7.6
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JBL pH Test Set 7.4 - 9.0
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