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Fish Medications and Remedies

Here at Fish Food Online we only supply top quality tried and tested medications for your fish.

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Rid Protozoan
RID PROTOZOAN Helps to eliminate the parasites that cause tale and fin rot, gill and skin..
RQ Anti Algae (200ml)
RQ ANTI ALGAE (200ml) RQ is a popular brand throughout Thailand and this is another great pro..
SUMA – Betta Strong Scale
SUMA – Betta Strong Scale  SUMA 2x WHITE CAP is a VITAMIN to make the skin and sca..
SUMA – Betta Strong Tail
SUMA – Betta Strong Tail  SUMA – Betta Strong Tail Vigorous (Red Cap) is a c..
Super Copper Safe by Ocean Free (120ml)
Super Copper Safe (120ml) *Treat & Prevent External Parasites such as Anchor Worm,Lice,Flakes..
Zedrix Gaurdian
Zedrix Guardian - The Preventative Medicine for Fish Zedrix Guardian is a high quality antibi..
Zedrix Medication Kit
Zedrix Medication Kit Zedrix Guardian - The Preventative Medicine for Fish Zedrix Guardia..
Zedrix Sword
Zedrix Sword  Zedrix Sword is a high quality broad spectrum of mixed antibiotics for orn..
Flowerhorn Medication (125cc)
Flowerhorn Medicine (125cc) Protection and Cure for your Flowerhorn fish. Cure and preven..
Out Of Stock
Clear Lab certified medicine for treating white faeces disease found in crossbreed fish. The ..
Bacta - 100ml  Bacta is an antibiotic medication. It can be used for Flowerhorns, d..
Kill For preventing infection and cleaning live food such as shrimp, blood worm and used t..
Aqua Bac
Aqua Bac AQUA BAC is used for bacterial infection treatment in Arowana , Siamese Tigerfish an..
Malachite Green (200ml)
MALACHITE GREEN (200ml) Malachite Green is an effective fish treatment for common external f..
Out Of Stock
Bubble Cure by MediFish (10 capsules)
Bubble Cure by MediFish  This product is used for the treatment of swelling fish, and internal..

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