TETRA pH Test Kit

TETRA pH Test Kit
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TETRA pH Test Kit (50 tests)

The TETRA pH Test Kit includes an easy-read colour chart, test phial, bottle of reagent and full instructions. Simply add 7 drops of the reagent to a 5ml sample of aquarium water, shake gently and compare the resulting colour with the chart provided. Ideally test the pH once a week - prevention is better than cure!
What is pH?
pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline the water is. pH7 is neutral and is suitable for most tropical community fish. pH 6.5 is slightly acidic (ideal for South American cichlids, tetras and corydoras) and pH 7.2 is slightly alkaline (ideal for guppies, mollies and swordtails etc). African Rift Valley cichlids(from Lakes Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria prefer more alkaline conditions of pH 7.5 - 8.5.
How do I change my pH if it's wrong?
Easy! If your pH is too low (acidic) you need to add a 'buffer' to raise the pH. This can be in the form of certain natural rocks or gravel which contains limestone (calcium carbonate). This will gradually buffer the pH, but be cafeful not to add too much! Ask for advice if you're not sure. A more accurate approach to altering the pH is to add an exact dose of a powder or liquid "pH up" treatment.
If your pH is too high (alkaline), check that you don't already have natural rocks or gravel in there causing the rise. If you do, try removing them and adding a "pH down" treatment.
Remember to change your pH gradually if it's wrong as a sudden change back to "perfect pH" can shock and stress your fish.

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