Pearl Pat and Pink Pat Package

Pearl Pat and Pink Pat Package
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Pearl Pat Premium - The sole purpose of this product is to put all the emphasis on motivating the pearls in your fish.Within only 7 - 10 days you will notice that the pearls are more solid and they become more bright and shiny. This supplement does not contain synthetic hormones and will not make your fish infertile. It is easy to apply by just adding the recommended amount to your aquarium.
Pink Pat is a supplement that is used for accelerating the red in your fish, especially in Flowerhorns. Pink Pat is not only for the red colouring, it is also rich in various vitamins that are beneficial to the fish. Pink Pat does not contain any hormones and will not make your fish infertile. Results can be seen within only 7 – 10 days of regular use. Just mix with your fish food and feed to your fish.​
These products when used together give amazing results that can be noticed in 7 - 10 days !!!!​


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