Metronidazole (50 capsules)

Metronidazole (50 capsules)
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Metronidazole - (50 capsules)

Metronidazoles primary use is for the treatment of anaerobic gram positive bacteria including those that produce beta-lactamase. However, it is not effective against aerobic bacteria. As well Metronidazole is effective for some protozoan (especially internal flagellates and external). Due to Metronidazole effectiveness against anaerobic bacteria (by selectively blocking some of the cell functions of anaerobic bacteria) this drug along with Neomycin is a good choice for bloating of the digestive tract (common in goldfish). Metronidazole selectively blocks some of the cell functions in anaerobic bacteria, resulting in their demise. Metronidazole is also a good choice for many protozoan parasite infections, especially for Cryptocaryon in marine aquariam.
Metronidazole is also effective used in combination or by itself for internal parasites such as Nematodes or Trematodes. In marine aquarium infections is where Metronidazole really shines as it is very effective internally and since Marine fish are always drinking the water around them, medication is easily transported to the infected area. In Freshwater, treatment can be improved by soaking food as well and this is still an effective freshwater treatment as well.This product is for the treatment of parasitic diseases such as fish lice, anchor worm, gill worms and hole in the head. It comes in a pack of 10 capsules. Use 1 capsule per 10 gallons of water (38 litres) for a duration of five days.

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