Zedrix Medication Kit

Zedrix Medication Kit
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Zedrix Medication Kit

Zedrix Guardian - The Preventative Medicine for Fish

Zedrix Guardian is a high quality antibiotic for ornamental fish. Use 1 or 2 times per month for the prevention of internal parasites and to deworm your fish.

Can also be used continuosly with the suggested dosage for rffective treatment of hernia diseases and defecate jelly (white poop).

Zedrix Sword 

Zedrix Sword is a high quality broad spectrum of mixed antibiotics for ornamental fish.
Use for the treatment of infections from protozoans, such as wounds, stomatitis (duck lip), expopthalmin ( pop eye), hole in the head. abscesses and ulcers.
Aqua V-Te
Aqua V-Te eliminates all pathogens in the water such as External Parasites, Argulus, Anchor Worms, Protozoan, Bacteria and Fungi which are the cause of diseases such as Hole in the Head, white Spot, White Mucus, Itch, Scale Protrusion, Oodinium, Plistophorosis, Fin and Tail Rot and other common aquarium diseases. Aqua V-Te gives higher protection for your fish and peace of mind for the owner.


For Protection and in the Hatchery use 0.4cc or 4-6 drops per 150 litters of water every time you do a water change.

For Treatment Change the water and use Aqua V-Te 1-2cc or 15 – 20 drops per 150 litters of water and add a little bit of aquarium salt. If the fish are suffering a severe bout of disease and repeat again and change water in 3 days. For White Spot disease use coupled with salt and raise the temperature for a faster recovery.

For Hole in the Head disease, Aqua V-Te will immediately eliminate the pathogen in the water and in the fish’s skin and also control the pathogen in the water but you will need to wait for the fish wound to recover by itself, you can change the water as normal and use Aqua V-Te in the Protection dosage to give long term protection from Hole in the Head again. If the Hole in the Head disease has a secondary infection of bacteria and swelling we must use a feed type medicine to treat internal bacterial infection to.

Aqua V-Te is best used at a water Ph of 7-8. If the water is too dirty or the Ph is too far out of the range of 7-8 it will decrease the efficiency of the treatment. Therefore, change with new water every time before treatment and add a little salt to maintain the Ph level for a long term efficient protection from a broad spectrum of external pathogens.  

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